Your Voice Will be Heard: 2019 Model G20 Mexico Summit
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Your Voice Will be Heard: 2019 Model G20 Mexico Summit

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Model G20, Summits

To Have Your Voice Heard:

Did you know that just a few generations ago, parents would tell their children that they were better seen than heard? A curious question or even a seemingly reasonable statement would be met with a fluttering of the hands and a long-winded “shhhh”. Better seen than heard was what past generations grew up thinking of their own voice and their own opinions. It’s a stark contrast of the teens of today where it seems as if you can’t go more than a minute on the internet without coming across a teenager’s opinion on everything from Kylie Jenner’s new hair to Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad.

Even growing up as a millennial, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who cared about much more than the ever-growing fan wars between N*SYNC and BSB fans, (that’s Backstreet Boys for anyone too young to care). So while a commercial may seem like a trivial thing to have an opinion on, the outraged response the Supermodel Jenner received from the out-of-touch ad was encouraging because it highlighted a generation that cared about social issues far beyond what was expected of them.

After that instance it became clear to all generations alike that Generation Z isn’t afraid to speak their mind, stand up for injustices, and break stereotypes no matter the platform, it’s just that the only platform they seem to have access to, until recently was social media.

It was this type of youth uprising that caused organizations like the United Nations to take notice. Recently, they launched their first-ever UN Youth Strategy which our very own Model G20 President, Patricia Lozada was invited to attend.  Here, UN Youth Strategy leaders pointed out the hypocrisy in the lack of youth representation in global policy-making. When it comes to the decision-making process, the youth are at the brunt of any such decisions or changes as they grow up, yet they are the very ones who were being excluded from these discussions. Another program, the Model G20 Summit by Knovva Academy is working to encourage teens to find and use their voices on an international stage.  As the largest and most culturally diverse generation yet, it’s clear it would be hard for anyone to keep them silent – and now we know that’s a good thing.

This May, the Model G20 Summit is heading to Mexico to encourage global teens to share their stories, culture and voices on one of the world’s most pressing issues today: Migration. Along with this, they’ll learn to appreciate the positive effects of cultural exchange and they’ll start to recognize the value in their own culture – no matter where they call home. 

About Knovva Academy: Knovva’s signature offerings connect top students from around the world with visionary educators, experts, and innovators to gain the skills critical to 21st century leadership. From world class online courses to five-day intensive simulations to two-week immersion programs, Knovva students break down cultural barriers so they can rebuild a world without them.

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