5 Reasons You Need An Essay Tutor For College Applications
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The task of writing your college application essay is daunting. You know the stakes are high. After all your hard work in high school to take challenging courses, participate in extracurricular activities, and maintain good grades while doing it, it feels like your fate ultimately relies on this singular essay. That’s why it’s natural for you to look to the support of an essay tutor to walk you through the process. 

Essay tutors can help you with English-language writing assignments for any course, competition, or applications for college, fellowships, professional schools, or graduate schools. The goal of an essay tutor is to nurture your unique writing style and help you produce the best possible essay, no matter the assignment. 

What Is An Essay Tutor?

Think of your essay tutor as your guide. Just like a teacher is there to assist you as you learn new skills and navigate your assignments, essay tutors are there to help you. They’re there for you throughout the the entire process of writing an essay: starting with the brainstorming phase to pick an optimal topic, moving into organizing and planning your outline, through to editing and honing your writing and grammar, all the way to final revisions and edits. 

An essay tutor is not, however, going to do the work for you. A good essay tutor guides, assists, and directs their students. Ultimately, though, your personal style and writing voice should come through. At the end of the service, you should feel like you were aided in producing your best possible work–not that you hired someone to write your essay for you. 

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Why Do You Need An Essay Tutor?

Any student can use the assistance of an essay tutor. Even if you’re a strong writer with a solid grasp of spelling, grammar, and how to compose an interesting essay, you’ll still benefit from working with a tutor. For some students, the hardest part of writing is simply brainstorming an interesting and unique topic. Knovva Academy’s writing tutors have dozens of years of experience helping students craft application essays, so they’ve seen it all. They can guide you away from cliche topic ideas and towards something truly novel, based on conversations with you about your interests and ideas. 

Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring an essay tutor for your upcoming competition application, college application, or any other essay you want to perfect. 

1. Tutors have impeccable technical writing skills. 

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are important pieces of writing a great essay. While this seems obvious, it’s true: any glaring mistakes in sentence structure, essay organization, or simple spelling errors can easily turn off an essay reader. Working with a professional with years of experience in both education and writing guarantees that your essay will be free of any embarrassing and preventable mistakes. 

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2. They will help you think outside the box and brainstorm. 

Before you write the first word of your essay, you should have an idea of what it’s about. Many high school students struggle to come up with an idea that feels creative and fresh, while still showcasing all of the skills, experiences, and struggles that they want to write about. Essay tutors are uniquely equipped to ask the right questions to get students thinking about their essay differently. 

Additionally, our essay tutors have been around the block when it comes to college essays. They’ve helped countless students come up with ideas and craft essays around them. They know which essays have been done a million times. And, they know how to turn what feels like a basic essay into something more interesting. Your tutor knows how to tie your ideas together and relate them back to the essay prompt.

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3. Students will learn practical skills for the future. 

Working with an essay tutor isn’t about simply completing one essay assignment to satisfaction. Students will take away practical skills and techniques for any future essays they need to write. 

For example, in Knovva Academy’s College Essay Writing Course, students will learn how to answer supplemental questions on college applications. These questions usually revolve around why the student is applying to that school in particular. Thus, they can be tricky to answer. The course covers how to research the schools you’re applying to and gives students practical advice on how to optimally answer those questions. Since you have to write a unique essay for every college you apply to, this is a useful resource for students to tap into after they’ve submitted their essay.

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4. Tutors focus on the revisions. 

No one writes the perfect essay on the first go round. And even if they get pretty close, all writing can use some edits. The essay you start with may completely transform into a different essay after working with your tutor. Writing is all about rewriting. But any skilled writer will tell you that it’s difficult to effectively edit your own work. Why is that? You are too connected to it, and you may fail to see connections that an outside editor sees clearly. 

In your high school English classes, you’ve probably done some peer-reviewing of your classmate’s assignments. Maybe you’ve even turned in drafts to your teacher before handing in the final paper. There’s power and value in having a new set of eyes look over your work. Instead of focusing on perfecting your essay quickly, tutors take the time to instead focus on adjusting your essay slowly over time to make it the best version it can be. 

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5. It’s all about teamwork. 

At the end of the day, working with a professional on your essay is all about teamwork. Just like your teachers, guidance counselors, parents, and siblings, your tutors want to guide you through the college application process.

You’ll receive lots of help throughout your college career. It’s good to build relationships with writing coaches who can continue to help you later down the road. 

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Work With a College Essay Tutor

If you’re ready to take the leap and improve your writing skills, we’re ready to help. Knovva Academy offers several different courses around essay writing. Here are some of our most popular: 

  • College Essay Writing Course: This intensive course will teach students how to write the best personal statement for college, and how to address supplementary questions. This 12-lesson course includes every step of the writing process, from brainstorming to organizing, editing to revisions.
  • Persuasive Writing Course: A 12-session course where students are guided through the process of researching and writing a strong persuasive essay. Students will learn how to build an argument from start to finish, while citing their sources correctly along the way.
  • Competition Courses: Knovva Academy now offers specific courses for students interested in applying to essay contests, like the New York Times STEM Writing Contest or Editorial Contest, Princeton Ten Minute Play Contest, the Global Ocean Awareness Contest, John Locke Essay Contest, the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and more. These courses are perfect for students looking to hone their writing skills, and even win an award along the way.
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Knovva Academy Writing Instructors

Rachel L.

College Counseling Advisor

M. Ed, Harvard University

Rachel received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and her Master of Education in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Known for her empathy and understanding, Rachel’s experience and knowledge of psychology give her an exceptional ability to connect with her students. Rachel’s experience as a skilled college essay-writer makes her an incredible asset during the college admissions process. Rachel’s students appreciate her dedicated commitment as they polish essays and improve their prospects for entering top-tiered schools.

Marci D.

Senior Academic Advisor

M. Ed, Harvard University

Marci is a best selling author of four books, including an Amazon #1! She is a keynote speaker and Senior Academic Advisor at Knovva Academy, with over 20 years of experience in education. Marci holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA, a master’s from Harvard, and a Certificate in Novel Writing from Stanford. Marci is known for helping students showcase their personalities through compelling storytelling, which comes in handy when needing your college essay and application to stand out! Many of Marci’s students have gained admission to their top choice schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Vanderbilt, NYU, USC, and other leading medical and graduate schools.

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