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Model G20 vs. Model UN: What’s the Difference?

Learn how Model G20 complements Model UN with a deep dive into global diplomacy

Curious how Model G20 summits compare to traditional Model UN events? We’ve got you covered. Our detailed whitepaper breaks down how the two programs are different – and why it’s not an either-or decision.

Factors compared include:

  • Length and location of programs
  • Program leadership, educators, and speakers
  • Pre- and post-event engagement
  • Non-academic elements, like social events and travel
  • Areas of emphasis (i.e. collaboration vs. competition)

If your politically-minded high school student is considering an experiential learning program, this whitepaper is for you. Learn why Model G20 has been recognized as the world’s leading youth leadership program and how it complements the Model UN experience.

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