What schools can learn from fighter pilots
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What schools can learn from fighter pilots

by | May 29, 2019 | Summits

Walk into the Air and Space Museum in San Diego’s beautiful Balboa Park and you will be faced with marvels of flight, from man’s first attempts to escape the earth to modern efforts to soar above the heavens. The experience has surely inspired more than one future pilot to earn their wings, but where do you take that inspiration? A good first step is the flight simulators in the Modern Jet & Space Age Gallery. There you can experience what it is like to fly a fighter jet, complete with 360-degree pitch, roll, spin and spiral action during the combat and flight training programs.

This type of simulation is a prime example of immersive learning. Those interested in being a fighter pilot can experience it first without shelling out a cool $89.2 million for a F-35, or without giving years of their life to the Air Force. In classrooms, teachers can use immersive learning to give their students an all encompassing view of the topic they are teaching.


Similar to experiential learning, immersive education optimizes how the brain learns. It is not just reading words on a blackboard, but rather surrounding yourself with the material. For language learners, it may be communicating solely in that language. For doctors, it is being placed on the floor of a hospital and caring for real patients.

Knovva Academy offers its own form of immersive learning for high school students with our Model G20 Summits and our Model G20 Task Force. This week, 20 of our top alumni from around the world are in Japan, studying issues and preparing position papers for the Y20 delegates to consider. They are visiting the same cities and considering the same issues that Prime Minister Abe, President Trump, and other world leaders will soon be tackling.

While at a summits, students are no longer just a high school student with an interest in global health or economic development. Instead, they step into the roles of national health or transportation ministers and work out real world solutions to actual problems facing national leaders.

Immersive learning goes beyond text books and term papers. It allows students to apply their knowledge in concrete ways with lasting impact. As the proverb says: I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Fighter pilots do. So can teachers and students with immersive learning.

About Knovva Academy:

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