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Wharton Global High School Investment Competition Prep Course

This course is a series of 17 group lessons wherein students will learn numerous finance and investment concepts in preparation for the Wharton Global High School Investment Competition.

Students will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of the investment industry throughout this 24-hour course leading up to and in concurrence with Wharton’s competition. They will graduate with an in-depth understanding of financial assets, risk and diversification, portfolio management, financial statement analysis, investment strategy development, SWOT analysis, and several other crucial investment concepts. Students will become well-versed in the competition schedule, develop teamwork skills that will help them manage projects and delegate tasks, and receive guidance and final reviews on their competition report, the culmination of Wharton’s Investment Competition.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Get familiar with securities and investing strategies
  • Learn about risk, diversification, company and industry analysis, and more investing basics
  • Develop teamwork, leadership, and communication skills
  • Learn finance skills that will last a lifetime
  • Submit a final strategy report that is well-researched, high-quality, and representative of their understanding and capabilities

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Obtain learning experience from the Wharton School, a world leader in business education
  • Enhance your college and scholarship applications by building your resume
  • Compete against teams from around the world
  • Earn a certificate of completion
  • Develop critical soft skills for success in the investment industry, including teamwork, communication, and project management


Dr. Jing L., Ph.D.

Ph.D., the University of Texas at Dallas
M.A., Xiamen University
Economics Instructor at Knovva Academy

Dr. Jing L. is a leader in the field of Economics with 30+ years of teaching experience. He has a wide range of instructional experiences from the University of Arizona, the University of Texas, Colorado Christian University, and Xiamen University in China, to name a few. His rigor in research has earned him publication in six different academic journals and a published research paper focusing on the economics of education, urban economics, labor economics, public economics, applied econometrics, and international economics.

Related Skills

  • Data analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk control
  • Business analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Investment strategy
  • Research

Our Schedule

Wharton Global High School Prep Course


1 week; 2 hours

Theoretical Foundation

6 weeks; 2 hours per week

Competition Guidance

10 weeks; 1 hour per week

Competition Registration Deadline

September 18, 2022

Final Report Due

December 13, 2022

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