2019 Model G20 Summit Beijing: Follow all the Educational Action!
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2019 Model G20 Summit Beijing: Follow all the Educational Action!

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Model G20, Summits

Educational jet setting is the new way students are learning about the world around them. Traveling the globe to participate in hands-on experiential learning programs in different cities is fast becoming the educational wave of the future.  As the leader in global experiential learning programs, Knovva Academy is about to hold its Model G20 program in Beijing China in  just a few short days. The program promises to be one of the largest gathering of global youth the ancient city has seen in recent history. 

Different from other student travel program, Knovva Academy’s experiential learning programs allow students to see new parts of the world in 1-to-2-week spurts. It’s enough time to gain an invaluable global perspective and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning but short enough to keep homesickness at bay.

It’s also unique in that each summit was created as a platform where our students not only gain global perspective, but are encouraged to cultivate valuable 21st-century skills the entire time. Each Model G20 Summit requires students to participate in workshops, lectures and hands-on training in research, public speaking, negotiation, collaboration and much more. At the end of the program, they are able to put their new skills into action during a multi-day, political role-playing simulation or the Model G20.

Starting on Saturday, February 16th, students from all over the world will arrive in Beijing to begin their Model G20 journey together. With over 300 students set to attend, our program has received attention from local institutions and area leaders who are excited to welcome the global teens to their city.

During the program, students will explore topics like Industry 4.0, Made in China 2025, real-time data, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and urbanization as well as China’s rapid development of infrastructure and its impact on the world’s economy. In between lessons and workshops, they’ll explore the city, interact with international peers and taste test the local fare.

As Knovva Academy prepares to bring its Model G20 summit to Beijing for the first time ever, we’re excited to share the journey with you through our social media channels. Check our Facebook page here for access to daily photo galleries and videos from the program. Our Twitter and Instagram pages will feature photos directly from the students themselves! We can’t wait for our students to experience education in Beijing with the Model G20 Summit, and their excitement and eagerness to show the world what their generation is capable of is palpable. Please help us support these young leaders in their educational jet setting endeavors by liking and commenting on their photos, stories, and videos in the days ahead.

See you in Beijing!

About Knovva Academy: Knovva’s signature offerings connect top students from around the world with visionary educators, experts, and innovators to gain the skills critical to 21st century leadership. From world class online courses to five-day intensive simulations to two-week immersion programs, Knovva students break down cultural barriers so they can rebuild a world without them.

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