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Education from
a Different Point of View

Who We Are

Knovva’s signature offerings connect top students from around the world with visionary educators, experts, and innovators to gain the skills critical to 21st-century leadership. From world-class online courses to five-day intensive simulations, and even two-week immersion programs, Knovva students break down cultural barriers so they can rebuild a world without them.

Global Citizenship

We help our students understand the increasing interconnectivity of our world, while nurturing global responsibility and making students into leaders.


We are invested in deeper learning, where knowledge can be internalized, applied and used to create.

Community & Collaboration

The deepest learning happens during meaningful social connection, and we work hard to facilitate that space in our programs.

What We Do

Online Learnings

Our online courses are flexible and self-paced. We provide a diverse array of content areas, pedagogy and supportive services to support our students and school partners.

Alumni Programming

We want our students to step up, speak out, and be the next generation of global leaders. We connect our alumni and provide space to keep learning and collaborating.

Experiential Learning

Our experiential immersive learning programs allow students the chance to engage in formative academic study, with real-life application alongside their global peer and teacher network.

Why We’re Different

Customized Learning

Global Student Network

Dynamic Analytics

Get Started

Knovva is changing the way students view and interact with the world around them. Get in touch to connect with our global education community today.

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