Student Spotlight – Jonathan T.
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Student Spotlight – Jonathan T.

Name: Jonathan T.
Hometown: Taipei City, Chinese Taipei
Areas of Global Interest:Future of AI, Cross-Cultural Communication

Favorite Five
Class at School: Economics
Book: Anything by Dan Brown
Food: Mac & Cheese
Color: Orange
Quote: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. — Sir Winston Churchill

What is a typical school day like for you?

Well, I am an IB Programme student in addition to being the chair of my school’s Model UN and on the Student Council so a typical school day for me is quite busy. I start school around 8:00 AM and end around 5:00 PM. Besides my core academic courses, I usually have student council meetings or Model UN meetings scheduled during lunchtime. While I have a tight agenda, I do enjoy the workload. In addition to lunchtime meetings, I often have meetings after school to discuss and complete tasks that were planned during lunchtime meetings. During these meetings, I have to be able to put 50% of my focus on school subjects, which means that I often simultaneously do my homework while having a meeting!

In addition to your studies, you are an avid photographer. Where did your love of photography come from?

My first spark of interest in photography came from my cousin. He taught me various skills such as adjusting the ISO, effects of different types of lenses, etc. My cousin and I used to go on trips to mountains, lakes, parks, etc, where I was able to practice these skills in different environments. After I had mastered the basic skills, my cousin gave me my first Canon EOS 650D camera. When I attended the mG20 Task Force in Argentina I met Danny, Knovva Academy’s media specialist, and videographer. I learned a lot from Danny and he became a mentor to me! For me, photography is not only about taking photos and learning photography skills, it’s about making friends through discussions on photography techniques, and inspiring people around us with the photos we take.

If you could invent something that would make life easier for people, what would you invent?

I would like to invent a time machine using quantum physics. Imagine people traveling back in time to fix their mistakes made in the past, their failures might turn into successes. For example, if a student gets a low test score, they can simply travel back in time, study harder and retake the test. Then, they can travel back to the present time to find out they dramatically raised their exam score and passed! People often feel imprisoned by their mistakes and with this invention, those mistakes can be fixed and people can live in a world where nothing can prevent them from living a good life. Isn’t that great?

You’ve attended both the Model G20 Task Force in Argentina and the Model G20 Summit in Beijing. What were some key takeaways from your experiences?

The unforgettable memories, awesome friends from different countries, and a story to share with future generations. Of course, one of the most remarkable takeaways is the knowledge I gained not only from the conference itself but from the friends I made. I will keep these memories in my mind forever.

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