Student Spotlight: Andy Chen
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Name: Andy C.
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Areas of Global Interest: International Law, Ethics of Technology

Favorite Five
Classl: Physics
Book: The Call of the Wild & White Fang by Jack London
Food: Tuna Sashimi
Color: Purple and dark gray — I can’t decide between the two!
Quote: “Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of your story. That’s the end of their part in your story.” Faraaz Kazi

Tell us about yourself!

There are so many responses to this question depending on the context, but I think to put it simply I’m a student with six days of high school left. In terms of Knovva events, I’ve attended the 2019 Y20 Taskforce in Japan, Y7 GYLC Virtual Summit, and am involved with Knovva’s webinars and other events. I don’t want to speak for others, but I think my friends would describe me as easy-going but with the capability to focus and adapt to the circumstances. 

How do your shoes define you as a person?

This is a good question! There’s nothing special about my shoes, and as odd as it may sound, I take pride in having clean or polished shoes. It integrates routine into my life, and there is something about having things neat and tidy that appeals to me. I think that is all I can extrapolate out of my shoes, sorry if you wanted me to go deeper 🙂

Tell us your experience as a Model G20 delegate.

In a few short words, quoting the tank crew of “Fury”: “Best job I’ve ever had,” If being a delegate even can be called a job at all. Whilst there are long nights of drafting communiques, or waking/staying up at ridiculous times, these summits are enjoyable because they offer a different type of education with a great group of people. I don’t think I would be who I am today without attending these events, they have educated and shaped me. 

What new thing did you learn today (or yesterday, if it’s still early)?

I learnt today at lunch that I am exceptionally talented at making three-pointers in basketball, but only during the time when I’m not actually playing a game with my friends, so I don’t think this newfound skill is exactly useful. It’s a little frustrating to make four three-pointers in a row and have it not count for anything other than kudos.

What did you like the most about the Summit?

Coming from a school where engaging in youth leadership events and summits from Knovva is unheard of and viewed as a waste of time in comparison to playing footy, it’s been a shock almost to see so many others who are involved in such events. But one thing that my school has emphasised still rings true: your cohort will shape your journey. That applies to Knovva as well, and I can confidently say that the best part of both summits were the like-minded teenagers from all backgrounds that I have met at these events and the everlasting friends which I have made. Even if you somehow donʼt walk away with any new skills, you meet a great group of people. These people you meet are more than colleagues, school friends, or connections, but rather part of a big extended family. 

What’s the best inside joke you’ve been a part of?

If I answered, it wouldn’t be an inside joke anymore 🙂

What did you learn from attending a summit?

Both programs have expanded my knowledge in various areas but more importantly, have improved the way I analyse information as well as the way I present my own opinions. These skills are crucial in our increasingly digitized world, and I hope to utilise them in life.

How do you feel about rhetorical questions?

What do I feel about rhetorical questions? I Don’t really have an opinion on these, similar to how I don’t have an opinion on metaphors or polysyndeton. 

What would you want to share with the kids around the world who might be thinking about signing up for the upcoming Model G20 Virtual Summit, or future in-person summits? 

I would say that if you are on the fence and considering it, you really shouldn’t be on the fence. You really should be joining. But to break this down a bit more, if you’re on the fence right now, then it means that you have some amount of interest in diplomacy, international relations, youth engagement and the best thing you can do is to be involved with Knovva because of the friends, skills, and knowledge that you would gain. I think that there is very little to lose with doing one of these summits, and as for me personally, I only wish that I had heard of Knovva and gotten involved sooner.

What’s the opposite of a koala?

Now I don’t want to give it away exactly what it is, but if you ever come to Australia, ask the locals what a dropbear is and they’ll tell you.

If there could be an answer to just one question that, if responded in one way or another, would deeply affect, confirm, or change the way you think, behave, and live for the rest of your life, what would that question be?

The question I would like to have answered would be: “Do our decisions actively impact or change our lives, or are our decisions already premeditated by a higher being so that although we feel like we’re making a decision, we’re actually just living out a pre-chosen life?” i.e. did we choose to attend a certain event, or were we destined to attend it? 

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