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by Justine Hudock
Student Community Engagement
Knovva Academy

Amira Anjani
Winner of Exceptional Ministerial Delegate
2020 Model G20

“Amira” is a name with an odd duality: It derives from an old Arabic word that can, at the same time, connote “commander” or “princess” — a name that reflected Amira’s personality the very first time she spoke to me. Practical and imaginative at once, Amira wants to invent “a software or tech that types out or projects your thoughts, emotions or imaginations.

“This would make communication so much easier, especially as it eliminates language barriers and allows people who have difficulties articulating their ideas or communicating in general converse or present their ideas.”

The ethos of her name followed throughout our conversation. She wants to study economics and finance in college, but most looks forward to the freedom and independence of higher education. She thinks people would define her as outgoing and extroverted, but knows herself to be quite timid and quiet when they aren’t looking.

“Someone once told me ‘You should fear nothing. The worst thing that could happen to you  is death, and that is also nothing to fear.’ It might sound a bit too direct or simple but it has helped me with my anxieties about life and helped me rationalise my fear of failure.”

We look forward to watching Amira take command — with princess-like delicacy — as she grows into her full potential. Here’s how she’ll look back on us.


 Model G20:

How do you hope to use the skills and experiences you’ve gained at the Model G20 Summit in your career? 

I am looking for a career in the finance industry so I hope to practically apply the skills I’ve gained. Most of which relate with research, communication and problem solving skills.

How do you feel about the quality of the conversations and response from your colleagues and instructors? 

I would say the quality conversations I’ve had with my peers were really enlightening, 

to be able to share constructive ideas and provide support for one other was 

refreshing. There were definitely some lower quality conversations but they were high 

quality experiences.

What is the single feature of the Summit that exceeded your expectations? 

I think the conversations that were on the forum chats were beyond my expectations. I sort of assumed everyone was going to be shy or image conscious so it was a pleasant surprise when everyone was so nice.

What about Model G20 do you think would benefit any person, if they were to attend? 

They’d definitely learn a lot about themselves, how they work under pressure, how they behave when working in a team, what their limits are or what their breaking point is, they’ll also realise how competitive or passive they can be and whether they would continue doing summits. Also, they would also make lots of new friends and learn about numerous differences.


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