Student Clubs are a Must for a Successful High School Experience
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Student Clubs are a Must for a Successful High School Experience

by | May 10, 2019 | Classroom

Who am I and where do I belong? These are questions that adults often forget are at the forefront of the teenage brain. Imagine searching for something you didn’t know you were looking for or feeling a void for no apparent reason. Yeah, being a teenager searching for your own identity is hard.

We can all remember when the moments of clarity came. For some, it’s discovering a genre of music that resonated on a deeper level. For others it was finding a celebrity to identify with, or an interest that clicked almost instantly. Each ‘aha’ moment in our lives compounded to create a whole person with interests, likes, dislikes, and dreams.

High school is one of the first places teens are able to figure out who they are and connect that identity with their plans for the future, a true ‘aha’ moment. This is why student clubs care such an important aspect of the high school experience and shouldn’t be overlooked as just an extracurricular activity.

Today, student club offerings are becoming just as colorful as Gen Z’s festival hair. With topics like anime clubs, robotics, and even zombie survival club, there’s something for every interest. Teens should also be encouraged to take the initiative to launch their own clubs. If successful, their legacy could live past their high school tenure.


A zombie survival club doesn’t sound like your thing? How about a Model G20 club instead? This can be a great way to play with topics a little more grounded in reality while still exploring hypothetical situations. ‘What-if’ scenarios rely on the ability to problem solve and think outside the box, providing an engaging and entertaining way to learn without feeling like class is still in session. Even more, a Model G20 student club is a great place for teens to learn and discover the skills they’re good at while developing the introspection to identify which areas need work.

While still under a school’s roof, student clubs offer the opportunity for teens to make decisions, take on responsibility, and connect with their peers. With less structure and supervision than a traditional classroom setting, teens in student clubs get a chance to dip their toes into autonomy, discovering the push and pull of negotiation and the give and take of teamwork and leadership.

When it comes down to it, picking and participating in a student club should be a fun process for students. It’s an opportunity to explore interests outside the traditional curriculum and both consciously and subconsciously make connections between lessons taught in the classroom and their own interests.

With just a few extra hours a week, Student clubs can help teens acquire a sense of belonging and identity that can shape the rest of their lives. With all the benefits a student club can provide it’s no wonder that within weeks, scheduled club meetings can go from feeling like a chore to something to look forward to every week. 


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