School is Boring, but Learning Doesn’t Have to Be with Model G20
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School is Boring, but Learning Doesn’t Have to Be with Model G20

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Model G20

How often do you lie in bed at night unable to sleep because you’re so excited for school the next morning? Never? You’re not alone, as a simple Google search for “I hate school” brings up nearly 658,000,000 results. Kids have been recorded hating school since Romeo met Juliet, since Columbus sailed to America, (why do you think he took off?) and since cave parents waved their cave kids goodbye as the dinosaur-pulled school bus zipped away.

Of course, none of the above is true with the exception that most teenagers always have and always will find school boring. What’s to like honestly? Hours of staring at the whiteboard, reading assignments that make you count the pictures in hopes that you have fewer pages to read, and tests that never have any questions related to what you actually studied for.

While school itself may be a drag, that doesn’t mean learning has to be. In fact, there’s a better, more effective way to learn that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk all day, and has been proven by science (win every argument with science!) to better help you, the student, recall and apply information than with just memorization alone. And, no, it’s not called recess. It’s called experiential learning and it simply means: learning by doing. With no idea how any of your school-day lessons will ever translate into real life, experiential learning helps you put real life into learning.

To rectify the learning disconnect, Knovva Academy created the Model G20 Summit to help teens understand how the things they learn can (and will) be used as they move ahead in life. This is just one reason to attend the Model G20 Summit! 

Here are the Top 5 Additional Reasons to Attend a Knovva Academy Model G20 Summit:

No Tests or QuizzesTeachers don’t just pester you with tests for their own twisted pleasure, we promise. Often times because of education laws we won’t bore you with, they have to make sure their students know the standard level of information for their grade level. If they don’t, the whole school district can get into trouble. So to make sure students aren’t falling behind, a tests lands on your desks. Knovva Academy is different though, we don’t have any school boards to answer to, so we’ll never give you a standard test. We believe that by doing the things you learn about in our workshops and college-style lectures, you’ll not only learn more but you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations even after the summit.

Yeah, It’s Ok to Talk in ClassOf course, we have some rules, but we trust that our students know when they can and can’t speak up. Before, after and even during some activities, we encourage our students to talk and get to know each other. Students come to the Summit as strangers, divided by cultures, languages, and differences, but through by asking questions, telling stories and laughing together, they find out that they’re actually quite similar.

Social Media EncouragedIf you’re thinking your social media accounts need a new perspective, our Model G20 Summits offer the perfect opportunity to show off your educational jet-setting lifestyle. Selfies with new international friends, delicious food snaps and local landscapes so amazing they won’t need a filter. Even between classes or group activities, we don’t mind if you pause for an Instagrammable moment or two.

You Can Get Out of the HouseHow many times a day do your parents tell you to get out of the house and do something? While video games are technically ‘something’, no matter how virtual they are, they’re no replacement for seeing and experiencing things in your own dimension. The Model G20 Summit is a great way to temporarily escape the routine of everyday life, while still doing something positive for your future. Sightseeing in Beijing, exploring Boston’s coastal communities or chatting with political leaders in Mexico, all a welcomed change from the traditional school, home, sleep routine.

Build up your College Application and Interview MaterialsEven if it seems far away now, eventually it will be time to decide what your life will look like after high school. Colleges are making the application process highly competitive today, (and even downright impossible) meaning that good grades alone aren’t nearly enough to get into top schools anymore. What are they looking for? Leadership skills, experiences that stand out from the crowd, and the ability to apply knowledge outside of the classroom. These skills, along with many others, are what today’s educators are calling 21-century skills and they’re also in demand in high demand in today’s workforce. The Model G20 Summit was designed to help students cultivate nearly every 21st-century skill, from public speaking to research, to analytical know-how. The Model G20 will not only be an experience to draw on during college interview sessions, but it will also help you be a more well-rounded student once you get into the college of your dreams.

We all know education is important (we’ve heard everyone say it repeatedly) but the way students are educated is just as important. If you’re bored, stifled or uninspired, it’s not going to help you want to learn – and that’s half the battle!

Find out more about our two upcoming Summits:

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