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Model G20 Beijing – 2019 – Your cities. Your Future. Your turn.

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Interview with Dr. Samuel S. Myers of Harvard University

Samuel S. Myers is no veteran of the field of Planetary Health: He’s one of its founders. The broad study of human health impacts on Earth’s natural systems is such a (perhaps dishearteningly) novel concentration that Dr. Myers’s unsown terrain has only very recently been folded into that more compact header. The multi-certificated doctor — carrying with him a bachelor’s from Harvard College, an MD from Yale University School of Medicine, and an MPH from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health — the scope of Dr. Myers’s areas of interests seems reassuringly as grand as those problems facing our world’s climate and the welfare of its people.

Model G20 Exceptional Delegate Series: Saara L. (Cohort A, the European Union, Head of State)

Saara L. — where do you begin except by stating (silently thanking that this is the internet and no one can see your mouth hanging open) that this thirteen-year-old from India has already participated in over thirty Model UN conferences? Is already pounding out quotable tidbits like “Sustainable action can only occur if you are aware of your surroundings and inform people around you about it”? Already reads books by the impenetrable American political scientist John Mearsheimer, whose last name is almost too much to get through?