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Model G20 Beijing – 2019 – Your cities. Your Future. Your turn.

Knovva Academy – Education Redesigned

Introducing Knovva Academy: The Secret to Yes


Exceptional Head of State Interview: Ashby W.

Attention, single male royalty the world over: My interviewee, exceptional Head of State for the country of Argentina, is very sweet, very smart, and very interested in the life of the silver spoon. She mentions you each by name, and subtly exhibits over her unadorned...

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Exceptional Vice President Interview: Noah B.

Where do we begin with Noah? He’s a two-time award winner at Model G20. He’s a young man of many words (and very carefully chosen words, in the fashion of the broadcast journalist he aspires to be). He came in and shook things up in the land of ‘Eh!’ and maple syrup,...

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