Living in a Connected World

Explore globalization, global interconnectivity,
and cross-cultural communication and collaboration

Course Overview

Our introduction to the global economy, Living in a Connected World offers an engaging overview of the principles of globalization. In this course, students analyze the unique local conditions that create challenges and opportunities for global collaboration and gain a more nuanced understanding of the ways in which societies across the world are interconnected.

Course Methodology

Living in a Connected World challenges students to:

  • Synthesize concepts and ideas from multiple disciplines, including political science, social psychology, economics, world history, and communications
  • Develop and apply technology and media literacy skills in real-world contexts
  • Communicate effectively with diverse peers in technology-enabled global discussions
  • Practice inquiry-based, self-driven, and authentic learning

Intro to Global Thinking

Explore the value of a global mindset and the meaning of global citizenship.

Cultural Differences

Study the value and importance of cultural diverse groups and companies.

Global Politics

Learn about the evolution of the nation and key principles of international relations.

Our Shared Environment

Explore how environmental changes can have global implications.

Global Economy

Understand how economic globalization impacts people around the world.

Going Global

Reflect the meaning of global connectivity and the benefits of global engagement.