My Takeaways from G7 Youth Summit
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By Adya Singh
11th Grader, Senior High School, Daly College

Attending the G7 Youth Summit was an enriching experience for me, where I interacted with tons of amazing and likeminded people. I found all the keynote speakers very knowledgeable and inspiring, especially, Shamma Al Mazuri,22, the youngest cabinet minister, UAE. I also thought learning about future job perspectives was quite eye-opening and fun. I found the Q and A session with Dr. King was quite useful as I got to listen to questions and suggestions other kids had. Quite frankly I feel, I probably would not have learnt as much as I did, in such a short span of time and over such diverse topics from so many different perspectives had it not been for the summit. 

I was elated to have gotten the opportunity to talk to so many of my peers from all over the world who shared the similar ideas, as me but had such diverse and different thought processes and ways of expressing themselves. Something that left a long lasting impact on me was the fact that despite all the cultural, social, and life style differences, when it came to things that truly mattered, such as peace & security and gender equality, our generation, no matter what the stereotypes are, truly was part of the summit because they wanted to be part of something much bigger than all of us, a change for the better. And if there something that gets me through the day despite all the negativity is that tiny flicker of hope Gen Z manages to give off. We truly are a strange generation, we won’t be comfortable asking the waiter for the menus but will not shy away from protesting and body slamming corrupt cops in broad day light in front of thousands of people. 

Initially, when I found out that there’s a possibility I could be part of something so amazing and empowering, naturally I was excited but also a little nervous as I had never even been part of the inter house MUN let alone something this big; but I knew from the beginning, that this summit was exactly the kind of opportunity I needed to get a closer look into what I feel so strongly about , bringing about a positive change to the society in whatever ways possible, no matter however small they may seem at the time, it all adds up in the end. Quite like a tiny stream of water cutting through mountains. 

I strongly believe in speaking up for what is right. The summit was just the platform I needed, supportive, likeminded people willing to voice their thoughts and listen to me voice my thoughts aloud and learn as much as possible from everyone present. 

I definitely am looking forward to be part of more such events, utilising my knowledge to bring about positive changes in my immediate environment and work on the betterment of my ways as I try to contribute to not only life at home but also in and outside of school. By building connections, raising awareness and using the privilege I have for the betterment of lives around me I also look forward to inspiring and enabling others to go ahead and do the same , for the right reasons.

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