Model G20 Summit to Return to Boston with a Topic Teens Care About
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Model G20 Summit to Return to Boston with a Topic Teens Care About

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Model G20, Summits

A recent question posed on a Reddit chatroom called r/Genz asked teens what their generation’s  most pressing global issues were. The responses were crafted with a level of perception far beyond their young years. Some seemed concerned with robots taking over jobs while others were worried about rampant government censorship, citing scenarios eerily echoed once only in futuristic novels.

Each 20th-century generation on record has had their own dystopian scare story, but with many of these global issues festering for some time now, Generation Z is clearly aware of how close fiction is to becoming fact.  While the extent of how realistic robotic takeovers will be is unknown, there was one topic of concern brought up that both yesterday’s and today’s global leaders would agree on: Sustainability.

Reddit user INextroll had the most popular answer in the thread with a simple, yet powerful response: “Resources”. Mic drop.

Most Redditors agreed, but some also looked at the issue in a more positive light, believing that their generation would finally be the ones to figure out how to make alternative fuels mainstream.

“Changing/adapting to clean energy from coal, carbon, fossil fuels, etc. Clean energy will enter life in a new and profoundly normal way,” said user ifeelboring of the impact Generation Z will have on the world.

The young teens then went on to mention climate change and overpopulation as issues that will heavily impact available resources all around the world, noting that these were topics that were often ignored by their generational predecessors.

In order to help these young teens actualize their impact, Knovva Academy plans to bring this important subject to the global youth stage as the main topic for the 2019 Model G20 Summit in Boston this July.

Here, students will spend the next two weeks acting as leaders of their selected country by developing ways to collaborate with other nations and address issues related to sustainable development and renewable energy. Throughout the program, they’ll experience a deeper understanding of the interconnection of our global resources as they navigate negotiations, teamwork, and networking with their fellow delegates.

This experiential learning program in Boston is set to dive deeper into it’s core subject than past Model G20 Summits with the inclusion of trips to key environmental infrastructure centers around the seacoast area. Through these on-site experiences, they’ll see how global actions can have profound effects on natural resources at a local level, especially in a community that relies on its coastal commodities.

As students explore real-world cases and investigate their global classroom, they’ll be invited to formulate social action and business plans for continued sustainable development and resource management. With past student-drafted documents making it to leaders at the G20, our students will be able to make an impact far beyond the Reddit message boards.

About Knovva Academy: Knovva’s signature offerings connect top students from around the world with visionary educators, experts, and innovators to gain the skills critical to 21st century leadership. From world class online courses to five-day intensive simulations to two-week immersion programs, Knovva students break down cultural barriers so they can rebuild a world without them.

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