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Six Reasons to Attend the Model G20 Summit

Each year, competition in college admissions becomes fiercer as the number of qualified candidates increases. If you’re starting your college journey, you may wonder how to set yourself apart from the other high school students submitting applications. One effective way is to build your real-world skills through Model G20, a simulation event that seeks to find solutions to global challenges. Our online education institute discusses what Model G20 is and how it can benefit you throughout your high school and college years and beyond.

What Is the Model G20 Summit?

The Model G20 Summit is a global youth leadership summit for high school students. 

People from around the world will join together, expand their knowledge of our global community, and build their skills in communication, strategic thinking, and leadership. They will represent member states of the G20, international organizations, engagement groups, and invited countries; discuss the most pressing global challenges and explore joint solutions. Event facilitators assign specific titles to each student, who will represent governing bodies within a country. As high school students act in these positions, they address world issues related to the summit’s topic. The Model G20 event takes place in different countries each year. In previous years, cities that hosted the summit include: 

Why Should You Attend the Model G20 Summit?

Attending the Model G20 Summit can present a unique opportunity to delve into a complex topic and refine your understanding of both global issues and policy making. It can also build the essential skills you’ll need in college and throughout your professional career. Here are six ways the Model G20 can benefit you.

1. You Will Learn How to Address an Audience  

Did you know that 77% of the population has a fear of public speaking? Because of this fear, many individuals avoid speaking and lose the opportunity to develop this skill. They might also miss out on the chance to communicate effectively on topics they’re most passionate about. 

While addressing an audience may start out as a nerve-wracking experience, it can get easier with practice. Students who engage in public speaking have a better chance to make a positive first impression and earn benefits in the future, such as company promotions.

2. You Will Get Better at Negotiations

Chris Voss, the author of Never Split the Difference, states that “conflict brings out truth, creativity, and resolution.” Without conflict, moving forward in a positive way can be a challenge. It’s necessary to voice opinions in a productive manner that benefits both parties. 

In the MG20 Summit, each high school student has the chance to develop an opinion around a topic and engage in a debate. This can promote problem solving and innovative thinking as ways to identify creative solutions. This year’s summit topic is global warming and will give students a chance to understand the full parameters of the problem and find realistic solutions for an improved future.  

3. You Will Boost Your Interpersonal Skills 

Similar to public speaking, interpersonal skills are an essential part of communication. They allow you to speak about your opinions or concerns in a constructive way, while ensuring that your point of view is fully understood. These skills may also allow you to understand opposing opinions and observe challenges from a different perspective. There are several interpersonal skills to master, including: 

  1. Empathy
  2. Listening
  3. Conflict resolution
  4. Teamwork
  5. Positive attitude

4. You Can Build Your Resume for Your College Application

As more students begin planning for their education and professional careers early on, they will face competition from other individuals at the same level for the best positions. To stay ahead of your peers, you might find that it’s helpful to create a top-notch résumé. Listing the skills developed through the MG20 Summit can help you improve your résumé, particularly if you have limited work experience. An example of what MG20 might look like on a résumé is a listed below: 

Model G20 Summit, 2022  Washington, D.C. 

Acting Secretary of State

  • Worked with other members in the United Nations to address global warming.
  • Defended policy changes in the United States as a way to counteract climate change.
  • Negotiated a new law that banned single-use plastic. 
  • Developed an initiative to provide a tax credit to homeowners who install solar panels. 
  • Received the debate award at the summit. 

5. You Will Attend an International Networking Event

Many professionals find that networking is an essential part of their work. When given the opportunity to speak with other individuals in their field, professionals have a chance to learn from each other, gain insight on topics related to their career, and expand their networks for future opportunities. For students, this may also mean the same.

Each year, participants from over 40 countries attend the MG20 Summit. This gives students the chance to make lifelong connections and gain a new perspective on topics they’re concerned about. 

6. You Will Develop Your Opinion on a Global Issue

With the Earth warming at a rate of .38 degrees Fahrenheit each decade, it’s no wonder that climate change is a primary topic among thought leaders and politicians. While climate change is a concerning issue, many individuals are unaware of how to resolve the problems they’re faced with. 

Students who attend the Model G20 Summit have the opportunity to educate themselves extensively on relevant topics. They may learn about key issues, statistics, and projected outcomes that may give them a new understanding of the topic. This is essential for personal growth and opinion building. 

Are you ready to join Model G20? With registration officially open, now is your chance to learn even more about the event. If you have any questions about reserving your spot or what it’s like to attend the summit, don’t hesitate to contact Knovva Academy today!


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