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mG20® in Action

Today’s Learners. Tomorrow’s Leaders.

For our school, mG20 in Action is a lot more than just another student club; it’s a global team united to work towards a common passion by inspiring each other and collaborating to understand the challenges that our world faces today. We’re acquiring new skills, confidence, and new global perspectives.

Agustina F.

Northlands School of Argentina

Cultivating leaders.
One student at a time.

At Knovva Academy, we believe leadership development is a process in which everyone participates. mG20 in Action provides students with the platform to do so. Following a club-based format, this program provides students with the collaborative space to learn and develop their leadership skills alongside students from their own schools and others around the world. Led by their teachers or their peers, students are given an opportunity to cultivate their voices and focus their passion, vision, and skills as they grow into future leaders.

How does it work?

mG20 in Action offers students and teachers a variety of tools to support the learning, practice, and acquisition of leadership skills. These tools include:

Real-world simulations

Engaging activities

Multimedia resources

Community forums equipped with video and voice chat

Public speaking opportunities

Members can access all this and more in their own secure online meeting space. Here, club leaders will have access to step-by-step instructional guides, printables, and links as they progress through each week of the program.

Week 1
Skill-Building Workshops

Highly interactive workshops give students the space to develop their leadership capacity, enhance their problem-solving ability, and build 21st-century skills.

Sample workshops include:

  • Asking Questions and Active Listening
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • L.E.A.D. Leadership Development and Exploration

Week 2
impACT preparation

impACT: Global Priorities is a two-week immersive role-play simulation in which students explore hypothetical scenarios that feature complex and highly relevant real-world problems.

Sample simulation topics include:

  • Space exploration
  • Sea level rise
  • Smart cities

Week 4
Global Connections

Students take a deep dive into current issues and share their opinions through Knovva Academy’s international online community, where students experience, present, and discuss diverse perspectives with club members worldwide.

Week 3
impACT: Role Play

Calling on the skills developed in Week 1 workshops, students are immersed in role-playing simulations that rely on Week 2 knowledge. They must take a stance on an issue, develop a persuasive strategy, and write and deliver a speech to a Deciding Committee of their peers.

Students are equipped with everything they need to:

Connect with peers globally

Understand the challenges and priorities in global affairs

Develop real-world leadership skills

Evaluate new and different perspectives from their own

Set and overcome personal challenges

Collaborate with others to make a real-world impact

Strengthen educational culture and performance by:

Elevating cross-disciplinary offerings

Enhancing curricula with global competencies and understanding

Connecting students with a global learning community

Providing a safe and supportive space for students to express themselves

Encouraging thoughtful inquiry and exchange

Connect Locally and Internationally

Understand current issues through an international lens. Connect with students from 20+ countries on our platform and share your perspective!

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