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Cultivating Leadership

At Knovva Academy, we believe that every student has the capacity to learn leadership skills through dynamic activities, engaging resources, and public speaking opportunities. mG20 in Action helps students cultivate their voices and focus their passion, vision, and skills as they become future leaders.

How does it work?

mG20 in Action uses a variety of activities and real-world simulations to support the learning, practice, and acquisition of leadership skills.

With our comprehensive step-by-step instructional guides, educators can effortlessly aid students in enhancing their 21st-century skills. Students will practice problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication through exciting real-world scenarios.

Week 1

Engage in highly interactive skill-building workshops.

Week 2

Explore hypothetical scenarios that feature complex and relevant real-world problems.

Week 3

Participate in a role-playing simulation and advocate for a solution to a hypothetical scenario.

Week 4

Connect locally and internationally.

mG20 in Action offers unparalleled experiences and benefits to both schools and students.



  • Connect with peers globally
  • Understand the challenges and priorities in global affairs
  • Develop real-world leadership skills
  • Evaluate differing perspectives
  • Surmount challenges consistently
  • Collaborate for real-world impact




  • Elevate your co-curricular offering
  • Connect students with a global community of thinkers
  • Bring global competency and understanding to your community
  • Empower students to create a safe and supportive space for sharing opinions
  • Encourage thoughtful inquiry and exchange

Connect Locally and Internationally

Understand current issues through an international lens. Connect with students from 20+ countries on our platform and share your perspective!

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