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World of Trees

Take a closer look at these familiar and fascinating life forms

Discover What Makes Trees So Interesting
 and Important

Trees are arguably the most important life form on Earth for humans, producing oxygen, nurturing ecosystems and creating food and renewable materials. Though we see them every day, we rarely take the time to investigate something we see every day – until now. In World of Trees, students will discover how extraordinary trees really are, using science, history, economics, and ecological design to understand trees’ importance to human existence and the world at large.

Go Beyond Biology to Examine Trees Impact on Humans and the Planet

World of Trees examines these fascinating life forms from a variety of angles, weaving together each thread through the lens of ecological connection. Topics covered include:

  • Tree biology: how tree bodies work individually and together
  • Human/tree relationships: how trees and humans have interacted over time
  • Practical skills: how to identify, grow, and care for different trees
  • Ecological design: how to design working ecosystems where plants, animals, and humans work together to create abundance

Turn Knowledge into Action
with Online and In-Person Learning

Knovva courses leverage the pedagogy of blended learning, combining online and in-person experiences. Students can engage with content independently on their devices and connect with learners around the world on our online platform. They can then dive further into course content with collaborative, project-based, teacher-guided classroom lessons.

World of Trees is conducted over 14 lessons with 12 modules of content and two modules where students work on final project preparation and presentation. The final project ties together all of the themes explored in the course as well as students’ own experiences working with their global community online.

Begin your Journey Through the World of Trees

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