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on the Silk Road

Travel back in time to explore trade
and exchange through the Silk Road experience

Discover the History of Trade
through a Lens of Adventure

Bring history to life with Journey on the Silk Road. This interdisciplinary course combines anthropology, economics, philosophy, poetry, and more to explore universal themes like trade and exchange. Presented thematically instead of chronologically, Journey on the Silk Road explores how contact between nations, regions, and cultures shaped society while examining the motivations, methods, and ideas of the individuals who traveled this famous route.

Learn What Makes Trade Work
and What Happens When It Doesn’t

Journey on the Silk Road focuses on the factors, both human and natural that drive and affect trade. Students will gain a deeper understanding of each interconnected element of exchange, including:

  • How the environment shapes where we live, travel, and socialize
  • How our environments drive humans to adapt and innovate
  • The elements that must be present for trade to be successful
  • The security, infrastructure, and people that make up a trading ecosystem
  • How connection between cultures expands and influences customs, technology, and more

Turn Knowledge into Action
with Online and In-Person Learning

Knovva courses leverage the pedagogy of blended learning, combining online and in-person experiences. Students can engage with content independently on their devices and connect with learners around the world on our online platform. They can then dive further into course content with collaborative, project-based, teacher-guided classroom lessons.

Journey on the Silk Road is conducted over 14 lessons, with 12 modules of content and two modules where students work on final project preparation and presentation. The final project ties together all of the themes explored in the course as well as students’ own experiences working with their global community online.

Start Your Journey on the Silk Road

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