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The Building Blocks

of Computers

Get technical in this deep dive
into modern computing

Gain a Deep Understanding
of Today’s Transformative Technology

You probably use a computer every day – but how well do you understand how it actually works? The Building Blocks of Computers dives into the machines that drive our day-to-day lives, covering everything from computer hardware to algorithmic learning to data encryption. Students will master the computing concepts that they use every day, like the cloud, while exploring more complex themes critical to navigating our technological future.

Explore Computing’s Most Important Ideas
and Innovations

The Building Blocks of Computers pulls back the curtain on how computers operate and how humans have used them to transform society. Topics covered include:

  • Key moments in the history of computers
  • How computers work: hardware versus software
  • Bits and bytes: how computers represent data
  • How the internet enables global connections
  • Cybersecurity: keeping information secure
  • The impact of computers on health and the environment

Turn Knowledge into Action
with Online and In-Person Learning

Knovva courses leverage the pedagogy of blended learning, combining online and in-person experiences. Students can engage with content independently on their devices and connect with learners around the world on our online platform. They can then dive further into course content with collaborative, project-based, teacher-guided classroom lessons.

The Building Blocks of Computers is conducted over 14 lessons with 12 modules of content and two modules where students work on final project preparation and presentation. The final project ties together all of the themes explored in the course as well as students’ own experiences working with their global community online.

Start Building your Computing Expertise

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