In Case You Missed it: The 2020 Model Y7 Summit
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by April Ondis
Doctor of Business Administration
Creative Writer, Knovva Academy

The 2020 Model Y7 Summit is over, and you’re likely wondering what key student insights and faculty observations you might have missed. This roundup of reflections from Knovva Academy’s first-ever virtual summit is for you! 

Student Insights

The global community of the Summit left students enlightened and encouraged.  

Video: Students Express Themselves

Andy Chen, The Scots College, Sydney, Australia    

It was really exciting for me to realize that there were many other people who were as passionate about youth engagement in the world. It sort of gives me a sense of security to know at least there’s other people who are fighting for youth to have a greater voice in fighting for greater change. 

Jasmine Gill, Nardin Academy, United States

I really love that I’ve been able to meet people from all over the world. I’ve met so many people from so many different countries with so many different perspectives and backgrounds and it really makes discussions very enlightening and I’ve really been enjoying them. 

Yixin Ke, Xiamen Foreign Language School, China

The most important thing I’ve learned during this Y7 Summit is how to modify our ideas through discussion and through research in order to make it more detailed and more applicable to real life. I think this is very essential because, if we really want to make changes, if we really want to make a difference in the world as young people, we need to know how to make our plan more practical and more easy for other people to follow. 

Sofia Orduna, Alameda High School, United States 

I had lots of fun discussing different policy today and listening to Minister Al Mazrui present about the importance of multilateral agreement and communication when determining policy, especially the importance of including youth and engaging young people within your government to get a lot of community feedback and participation.   

Faculty Observation

Rebecca Shuman, Senior Curriculum Designer at Knovva Academy, was inspired by the vision and motivation of the student delegates. 

For me, connecting students from around the world and introducing them to anywhere from 19 to 299 new friends is one of the most meaningful aspects of working summits. I was concerned that the level of connections wouldn’t be the same, given the new online format, but as usual, our students exceeded our expectations. It’s been quite moving to see how students have connected with each other on a personal level, creating their own Slack and social media channels. 

It was clear that the Y7’s overarching theme of inclusion resonated deeply with our group. The common thread that linked nearly all of their policy ideas together was their collective vision of collaboration and a world in which all people are equipped to do their best work and to become their best selves. It was moving to see the sharing of ideas play out on our virtual forums with students raising each other up through the comment threads, thanking one another for allowing them to access a new or unique perspective. 

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