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Model G20 Virtual Summit

Our Future in 2050: Voyage Ahead

July and August 2021

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Pandemics and
Public Health

COVID-19 has made us socially distant.
Our program will bring us together.

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Knovva Academy is a pioneering academic institution serving secondary schools around the world. Our mission is to build a global community of lifelong learners. Combining proven approaches to teaching and learning with cutting-edge technology, Knovva Academy offers holistic and inventive solutions for students and teachers wherever they are. Using gamified simulations, immersive learning experiences, and innovative coursework, we engage our students by turning learning into action.

Building the 21st Century Learner

mG20 in Action

Elite clubs that turn today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders.

MG20 Summits

Immersive, international events that transform students’ ideas into reality.

Foundations for Climate Action

Empowering students to develop solutions to global environmental challenges.

Knowledge in Action

The Graduate Project for 21st Century Classrooms.

Pandemics and Public Health

Experts speak on facts, preparedness, and management.

I have never seen a group of such motivated teenagers who want to promote change in our society. The mG20 delegates are beyond passionate and being around them has influenced me in ways beyond compare.

Kiara O.

Model G20 ’18, ’19

Dartmouth College ’24

Why Knovva?

World-class educational opportunities at affordable prices

Easily adaptable offerings, available online and off

Ready-to-use lesson plans, resources, and support

Extracurricular portfolios for college readiness

World-renowned scholars, scientists, and students from over 30 countries

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