Growing Up A Global Citizen
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Growing Up A Global Citizen

Growing up in Hong Kong was a wonderfully diverse experience. With Hong Kong being a trading port, my international school had native Hong Konger students like myself; children of businessmen who were in the city for just a few years or children of immigrants from India, Philippines, Indonesia, and elsewhere.

The experience of growing up in a multicultural environment is one of the things that immediately attracted me to Knovva Academy. Not only does the staff here come from all corners of the world, but every day we help students break down cultural barriers so they can rebuild a world without them.

Of all the programs we run for students, our Model G20 summits especially remind me of my school days. At South Island School, one of my favorite classes was the Theory of Knowledge. There we not only learned how to learn, but we also did a good deal of reflection on why we needed to learn.

Likewise, Model G20 delegates come from 20 or more different countries, but they all take part in the same structured debrief at the end of the summit. Using a format crafted in collaboration with faculty from Harvard University, delegates reflect on their accomplishments during the summit to cement the lessons in their brains. In traditional schools, students often don’t see larger purpose behind the assignments they are being asked to complete. At South Island and Knovva, however, instructors help students make lasting connections between their coursework and the real world.

I’ve seen the results of that type of rigorous preparation in my own career. As an illustrator here at Knovva Academy, I get to use my passion for drawing and design to communicate a vitally important message to students: the world needs you to be a global citizen. We need you to stand up and make a difference.

I was lucky enough to learn this early on, and I benefited from growing up surrounded by peers from around the world. Every student deserves the same opportunity I had, to explore new lands, experience different cultures, and make friends with people from diverse backgrounds.

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