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Foundations for Climate Action

Global challenges require global solutions. To succeed, the leaders of tomorrow must collaborate across borders and cultures, consider diverse perspectives, and develop a nuanced understanding of complex, interconnected challenges.

Knovva Academy is excited to announce our official partnership with the United Nations through the release of our new online course, Foundations for Climate Action. The course is offered through the UN’s Reach Not Preach platform, which is dedicated to promoting climate action among the youth.

Addressing the climate crisis is the definitive global challenge of the 21st century. While aggressive climate action will require a scientific understanding of both environmental and technological challenges, this knowledge will not be enough. Changemakers today and tomorrow must communicate and collaborate across cultures, negotiate and implement solutions, and address the needs and concerns of stakeholders in every sector of society.

Foundations for Climate Action examines this crucial issue through scientific, strategic, and cultural lenses. Curated readings and datasets, expert interviews, and digital interactives explore the challenges of climate action and diverse approaches to solving them. Learners think critically and engage with their global peers through thought-provoking opinion polls, reflection prompts, and forum discussions. Anyone who is interested and motivated towards climate action is encouraged to participate in the course.

Lessons include:

Introduction to Climate Action
Community, Responsibility, and Action
Leveraging Nature for Climate Action
The Global Consequences of Shifting Currents
The Past, Present and Future of Energy
Culture Considerations for Multilateral Conversation
Preparing to Shift the Status Quo

Course details:

Type: Self-paced learning
Fee: No cost to participation
Pre-requisites: No prior knowledge of climate science or leadership experience is required.
Release date: January 24, 2020

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