Exceptional Vice President Interview: Noah B.
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Where do we begin with Noah? He’s a two-time award winner at Model G20. He’s a young man of many words (and very carefully chosen words, in the fashion of the broadcast journalist he aspires to be). He came in and shook things up in the land of ‘Eh!’ and maple syrup, Canada, as Vice President. He’s boring with emoji choices: I asked, and Noah said his favorite was the crying-laughing face. 

There’s literally a unicorn emoji, Noah.


😂 < 🦄.

Give Noah, our Vice President of Canada, a big round of applause for his performance at Model G20’s 2021 July Summit, A Healthier Earth and Beyond!

Justine Hudock: What’s your name, where are you from, what year are you in school, and what’s a silly, fun fact about you?

Noah B.: I’m Noah, I’m from Belmont, California, and I’ll be a Junior in high school, starting in a few days. I’m not ready. Fun fact is that this will be my second year writing for my school’s online newspaper.

JH: What was your title and country in the Summit? What did you find most interesting about designing for your country’s particular needs?

NB: I was the Vice President of Canada. The policy that I created kind of took… almost using what I’ve learned from school and from history to reflect on how I could work best and work together with the other vice presidents instead of just putting my own country’s needs. First, I just felt that trying to create something that was unilateral, that combined all my country’s ideas of how each country can progress into the future by making positive developments in space is the best thing for all countries. I was very proud with the direction that the policy started out with and then ended with.

JH: What did you come to the Summit more interested in: global health, or space exploration? Are you leaving the Summit, still more interested in that than the other… or did you flip?

NB: I had previously learned about the topic of COVID from a previous Model G20 Summit. Coming to this Summit, I was like, “Hey, there’s this other subtheme, space.” I was just really interested to try to learn something brand new, not something that I understood very well already. I was especially excited to be the Vice President during the space exploration track. I didn’t really flip in the middle of the summit, just stuck with it all the way.

JH: You mentioned in our last conversation that you love the series Burn Notice. If Michael Westen, protagonist of that series, did a Model G20 Summit, would he perform best as a delegate, a minister, or a DC member? Why?

NB: I think Michael Westen would perform best as a delegate, because his role in the Burn Notice series doesn’t really have him at the top of the show’s food chain. He’s not like some super scary crime Lord, or, you know, drug dealer who makes all the decisions and holds all the power. 

He’s kind of that underdog who’s out in the cold fighting for his life. He really needs all the help that he can get. But, he’s very crafty in terms of the decisions that he makes, and he does find ways to turn the bad guys against each other. 

I think him in the position of a delegate would probably make the most sense, because that would put him in a situation where he would be pitted against a lot of other people. He’d have to decide, “Is this one of those moments where I’m going to try to establish a policy that creates an environment where I can work together with other people? Or, am I going to take the route where I put my country’s interests first, and to try to turn the other countries against each other, and just create a lot of pandemonium and chaos?”

JH: Personally, what was your favorite part about this Summit? Beating your brother for an award?

NB: You know, while I wish the situation with COVID around the world was better, so that we could actually experience one of these summits in person, to really develop closer working relationships, I still always walk away from these Summits with so many new friendships. Maybe my favorite two parts are still the people, but also just getting to learn new things each and every time. And that’s based upon new new countries every time making new policy every time and just holding the new and different roles and positions that are so, so cleverly thought of and created for each of these summits.

JH: What is one goal, personal or professional, you would love to achieve in the next five years? (Be creative! Tell us your wildest dream!)

NB: Well — man, this isn’t really wild, nut I would just say within the next five years, I hope to be working my way up to a higher position at a well-known newspaper or a well-known news station, kind of getting my name a little better circulated; getting the chance to gain and gather all the experience and knowledge and information that I can get about journalism.

Favorite Five

Time of day?

Nighttime, when all of my favorite programs are on. (Editor’s Note: We’ve got a baseball fiend in our midst…)

Personal trait?

My speaking abilities!

Room in your house?

My mom’s loft. I have a weight bench and a gym set up here. It’s been the one place in my house where I can actually be myself, focus, relax. Get away from responsibilities.


I think just the one I kind of rely on most is the crying face or like the crying laughing emoji face, mostly. Yeah, sorry to be boring.

Guilty pleasure?

BuzzFeed Unsolved. It’s a YouTube series. There are hundreds of hundreds of episodes split into two seasons of true crime, and supernatural investigation. The hosts are just phenomenal. They’re really funny. I die just thinking about it!

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