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Model G20®
Youth Leadership

The world’s premier program for
youth committed to global

Want to change the world?

The Model G20® Leadership Summit brings together high school students from around the world for a fully immersive learning experience. Students participate in interactive workshops, lectures, and classes based on real G20 topics, then turn knowledge into action, drafting agreements and strategically networking with other G20 countries.

The Model G20 Summit Experience

See how the Model G20 prepares students to become the leaders they were meant to be.  

Part 1

Arrivals and New Experiences

Part 2

Academic Day

Part 3

Field Trip Day

Part 4

Simulation Day

Part 5

Press Conference and Final Relections

What makes the MG20 different?

Experiential: Students learn through interactive role-playing. In this immersive experience, they’re not high schoolers – they’re global leaders.

Empowering: Every idea matters. At the MG20 students are encouraged to speak their minds, actively listen to others, and use their voices to change the world.

Educational: With lessons developed by Harvard educated scholars, the MG20 summit complements nearly any classroom experience.


of MG20 attendees feel more confident addressing global issues


better understand the negotiation process among country leaders


improve their ability to handle the challenge of cross-cultural communication

How does the MG20 work?

No multiple-choice tests or essay questions here. Just like in the real world, students are challenged to make practical use of their knowledge. The program begins with intensive training, after which students use this training as they act as leaders of nations around the world. Presented with pressing social problems and country-specific information, they must negotiate favorable outcomes and navigate their country’s path  to global success.

The Model G20 Summit Simulation

The summit simulation is the heart of the MG20 experience, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate the research, political analysis, negotiation, persuasion, and teamwork skills they learned during the academics days. Each simulation includes a variety of formal and informal events where students turn knowledge into leadership. These include:

The Opening Conference: A formal stage where each country introduces its broad hopes and interests by participating in the given MG20 summit.

Country Strategy Sessions: Where individual delegates prepare for formal meetings with their country team, including researching, strategizing, writing speeches, and more.

Ministerial Working Group Meetings: Formal meetings where the national ministers of G20 world power think, articulate, and shape their political agendas. Here, MG20 delegates present their country’s position on solving a global challenge.

Negotiating Agreements: Informal, behind-the-scenes diplomatic negotiations where students work to accomplish geopolitical goals based on both classified material and their country team’s research.

Discourse with Civil Society: Informal conversations and agreements with non-government advocacy organizations that are dedicated to advancing issues that transcend a single national agenda or governmental.

Seal of Approval

The National Association of Secondary School Principles has placed this program on the 2019-2020 NASSP List of Approved Contests, Program and Activities for Students.

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