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Living in a Connected World

Explore the complexities of today’s global society, from politics to culture

Build the foundation for meaningful global citizenship

In today’s increasingly connected society, it’s critical to think and act globally. Living in a Connected World gives students the foundation to do exactly that, helping high schoolers define, understand, and explore how our lives and actions interact with the world at large and how societies around the world interact with each other.

Approach global connectedness from every angle

Living in a Connected World challenges students to examine what it means to think globally, reshaping their assumptions about how they should communicate and live in today’s society. The course approaches global connectedness in an interdisciplinary way across six themes:

  • Global thinking
  • Global politics
  • Global economy
  • Cultural differences
  • Our shared environment
  • Going global: how to bring all the pieces together

Turn knowledge into action with online and in-person learning

Knovva courses leverage the pedagogy of blended learning, combining online and in-person experiences. Students can engage with content independently on their devices and connect with learners around the world on our online platform. They can then dive further into course content with collaborative, project-based, teacher-guided classroom lessons. Living in a Connected World is conducted over 14 lessons, with 12 modules of content, a midterm academic skills video lecture, and one final project and presentation. The final project ties together all of the themes explored in the course as well as students’ own experiences working with their global community online. By weaving together each of these threads, their final projects ask students to reflect on their own global citizenship and articulate how to put it into action.

Start your journey to global connectedness

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Living in a Connected World

Explore the complexities of today’s global society, from politics to culture.

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