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Today’s Learners. Tomorrow’s Leaders

Traditional classrooms can’t keep up with today’s global, digital economy. Knovva can.

Leadership Starts Here

Knovva’s online learning program offers students a dynamic, modern way to gain the skills, knowledge, and relationships critical to global leadership. Through diverse, research and project-based learning activities, students engage with cross-disciplinary content and explore pressing issues with their peers from around the world.

Online Learning Designed for Today’s Students

Connect with a global community of peers
Network with world-class experts and educators
Meet government officials, delegates, and luminaries
Solve real-world problems through negotiations and policy
Gain hands-on experience in leadership and diplomacy
World-class Speakers
21st-century Skills
Students From 20+ Countries
Cross-Cultural Understanding
Youth Empowerment

Built by Harvard-educated learning designers, Knovva’s online courses feel less like a traditional class and more like the digital media that students use every day. A typical Knovva course builds on the context of students’ real lives, and uses formats including:

  • Decision-making simulations
  • Interactive visualizations and infographics
  • Personal assessment quizzes
  • Custom-produced videos
  • Gamification-based reward systems

A Global Community Anywhere in the World

Knovva online courses are highly personalized, but that doesn’t mean that students learn alone. Global citizenship is a hallmark of Knovva Academy, and we foster it through multimedia forums where students interact with their peers from around the world. With Knovva, students don’t just build knowledge – they build relationships.

Purpose Built Technology With Measurable Results

All Knovva courses are conducted via our purpose-built technology platform, specifically created to support and enhance the experiences of both students and teachers. Beautifully designed, easy to use, and 100% secure, the Knovva platform allows every member of the learning ecosystem to focus on what’s important: education.

Online Courses

Living in a Connected World

Explore the complexities of today’s global society, from politics to culture.

Journey on the Silk Road

Travel back in time to explore trade and exchange through the Silk Road experience.

Powering the Future

Become an expert in the past, present, and future of energy consumption

Exploring the Deep Blue

Journey to the deep in an exciting exploration of our oceans

World of Trees

Take a closer look at these familiar and fascinating life forms

The Building Blocks of Computers

Get technical in this deep dive into modern computing

Education Template