Climate Change and the Future of Humanity - 2021 Model G20 Virtual Summit Position Paper
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by Biren Ahluwalia
Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation, France
2021 Model G20


I participated in the Model G20 Virtual Summit held by Knovva Academy from February 12 to February 20, 2021. In the simulation, I represented the French Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation. In this position paper, I will share my observations, ideas, and views, as well as the global problems which address climate change and the future of humankind. I submit this paper for the consideration of member nations of the G20.

Even though I am under 18 years of age, I have drafted effective policies which can benefit not only one country, but the entire world. I believe that the involvement of youth leaders in global issues leads to more unique solutions. I would also like to thank Knovva Academy, the G20 Task Force, and the G20 community.

Climate change is a serious threat to the Earth’s ecological balance, and a danger to all its life forms. To protect our planet, there is a pressing need to pay attention to climate change through international cooperation. These policies are applicable for all countries, regardless of their environments, and are dedicated to combating climate change.

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