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Tomoki Matsuno is a fixture in the Knovva Academy academic family: one of the Model G20 attendants at the 2019 MG20 Beijing Summit, the first delegate to represent Japan in the Y20 Tokyo Task Force, and the founder and current president of Japan’s first Knovva Student...
Student Spotlight: Andy Chen

++Student Spotlight: Andy Chen

Name: Andy C. Hometown: Sydney, Australia Areas of Global Interest: International Law, Ethics of Technology Favorite Five Classl: Physics Book: The Call of the Wild & White Fang by Jack London Food: Tuna Sashimi Color: Purple and dark gray — I can’t decide...
My Takeaways from G7 Youth Summit

++My Takeaways from G7 Youth Summit

By Adya Singh11th Grader, Senior High School, Daly College Attending the G7 Youth Summit was an enriching experience for me, where I interacted with tons of amazing and likeminded people. I found all the keynote speakers very knowledgeable and inspiring, especially,...
Student Spotlight – Kiara O.

++Student Spotlight – Kiara O.

Name: Kiara O. Hometown: Bronx, New York Areas of Global Interest: Global Education and Sustainability Favorite Five Class at School: AP Chemistry Book: Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes Food: Cheese Pastelitos Color: Cerulean Blue Quote: “Life isn’t about finding...
Student Spotlight – Omar S.

++Student Spotlight – Omar S.

Name: Omar S. Hometown: New York City, New York Areas of Global Interest: Global economics Favorite Five Class at School: A.P. Seminar Book: The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe Food: Tostones Color: Black Quote: “If you ever wish to forget something on the spot, make a note...