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High School: Where you Ever Really There?

++High School: Where you Ever Really There?

!There’s an old proverb that asks, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” In high school, there can be a similar phenomenon. Some students can go all four years without being noticed or shaking things up. This...
Growing Up A Global Citizen

++Growing Up A Global Citizen

Growing up in Hong Kong was a wonderfully diverse experience. With Hong Kong being a trading port, my international school had native Hong Konger students like myself; children of businessmen who were in the city for just a few years or children of immigrants from...
Is your learning ecosystem in balance?

++Is your learning ecosystem in balance?

In the wild, an ecosystem refers to the community of living and inert features of a natural environment. Plants, animals, rocks, rainfall, and more are all interdependent in the system and, crucially, all are affected when one element is altered. Flowers will grow in...
Carrying the Financial Load of Education

++Carrying the Financial Load of Education

Could Lessons in Finanace Help Students Down the Road? In the US, today’s high school students are thrown into a milieu of financial uncertainty. Looking backwards, these students have been coming of age in the years that follow the US housing crisis. After that...
Solutions for Cross-Cultural Engagement

++Solutions for Cross-Cultural Engagement

Fostering Global Citizenship Realizing the need for more global citizens is not the same as knowing how to guide students to become global citizens. There are classes on world history, current events, foreign languages, etc. Organizing and presenting the content to...