Carpe Diem! Knovva and NPT Education Collaborate to Support Educational Leadership 
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by Dr. Neil Gile
Curriculum Director – West Springfield Public School
NPT Education

Like many educators, I have been spending much time reflecting on the current state of our global community and my role as a contributing member of society. The way I look at it is that we have two options: we can either 1) “seize the day” in a way that propels our global society forward, or 2) we can sit idly by and let this horrible pandemic create a negative ripple effect that will further polarize us. Being an optimist and choosing to focus on the former, there are key strategies we can leverage in our quest to seize the day! D’Auria and DeSmet (2020), in their article focused on leadership during a crisis, talk about the need for humility and reflection. Humility comes in various shapes and sizes, but in the article, the authors introduce the concept of “Bounded Optimism,” which is the notion that we need to be positive yet real about the state of matters such as the COVID-19 spread.

This is where the NPTEducation and Knovva Academy partnership comes into play. Both education-based companies are focusing their attention on making lasting changes in education locally and globally.  In the coming weeks, beginning on Tuesday, October 27, this collaboration will be focused on what it means to Lead in the New Frontier and what educational leaders can do. The four part seminar, entitled Creating a Positive, Sustainable Culture Amidst Challenges and Chaos, will engage the participants in meaningful discussion and reflection about how we can motivate our staff and students, develop and maintain a positive climate, and identify critical strategies for leading during these uncertain times. Drs. Gillen, Allen, and Gile, having all served as educational leaders for the last decade, will share their key insights and lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in a manner that blends such experiences with current and relevant research.

Both Knovva and NPTEducation are excited about the partnership and the shared commitment to enhancing and sustaining educational leadership. We, as leaders, need to provide a sense of calm and a clear strategy or structure for how the TEAM is going to address both the current and unforeseen challenges. Equally important is the fact that we are committed to providing all stakeholders with opportunities to 1) assess the current realities of their situation, 2) acknowledge that the solutions are evolving and being incubated, and 3) empower them in a way that embraces their intrinsic motivation.


By Gemma D’Auria and Aaron De Smet

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