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Editorial Writers Of The Month

February 2022

You have just entered an internationally circulated, multilingual online periodical, offering its sound editorial writers recognition.

The Model G20 Globe is an opportunity for High School students to learn how to write professionally, to build a byline and a reputation to go with it, and to collaborate with other students in a worldwide newsroom environment — all years ahead of every other young journalist. Read on if you want to be informed on current events and student stories.

Before It's Too Late, A Braided Essay

"If things continue the way they are, bees will not inhabit the planet for the next generation. Will we realize their role in our life before they are not a part of it anymore? Will we take responsibility when the time is right?"
Maanvi Singh Tomar
Editorial Writer

The Journal Of Mojdeh Aktar

"Am I wrong, to feel betrayed? To feel neglected and lost? I understand, they have a country of their own to run, but to leave us like mice with the Taliban ready to pounce? This is no Tom and Jerry (the American cartoon I grew up knowing and loving)—in the real world, the cat almost always wins. I am not ready to be prey. More specifically, I am not ready to be preyed upon."
Madeleine Prucha
Editorial Writer

Cell Phones: Do They Really Have Something To Do With Bee Loss?

"The origin of the "bee-killing cell phone" is a study conducted in Switzerland in 2009. In the original experiment, the researcher placed cell phones in honey bee hives and observed what happened when the phones were active, inactive, powered down, or ringing."
Cindy Cui
Editorial Writer

A Healthier Earth And Beyond

"The real benefit of space exploration will be to live on other planets. But for the ignition of this milestone, humans have to make sure that they do not end up creating a space junk trap around Earth by launching unnecessary satellites. Thus collaborative missions shall be encouraged. Space can also be cleaned in a number of ways using technological aid."
Biren Ahluwalia
Editorial Writer

Truisms: Truths Or Lies?

"We hear truisms everywhere. You might hear your teacher say “practice makes perfect” when you get a bad score on a test or “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” from your parents when you were younger and refused to eat apples. However, while these statements may appear to be self-evident, many are either outdated or just simply not true. Here are five common truisms that are actually false..."
Ching-Ying Chiu
Editorial Writer

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