5 Reasons Why YOU Need To Attend a Model G20 Summit
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5 Reasons Why YOU Need To Attend a Model G20 Summit

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Model G20

Faith Kisker attended the Model G20 Youth Summit in Boston, MA in 2018 and the Model G20 Youth Summit in Beijing, China in 2019. At the Beijing Summit, she received the Exceptional Ministerial Delegate award for her work as Minister of Trade for Italy. She submitted this guest post.

  1. MG20 Summits are a once-in-a-lifetime worldwide experience.

From Boston, USA to Sydney, Australia, Model G20 summits provide a unique experience unlike any other. Through the Model G20, you can travel globally and become immersed in the wonders of the world and a new language. In Beijing, I was not only able to experience the human side of the bustling city, but also the breathtakingly beautiful Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Confucius, and Guozijian Museum—and enjoy it all with friends from all across the world.

  1. MG20 Summits help you make lifelong friends and become part of a global community.

From the moment you are accepted into a program, you become a part of the Knovva community forever—a community that cares for you and wants to see you succeed. The summits themselves are a worldwide collection of high-achieving people passionate about social change coming together to meet, learn about, and discuss solutions; experience new cultures, negotiate, and ultimately learn from each other and develop a more global perspective.

And they are some of the best people you will meet in your life. No person accepted into the G20 is the same—each is unique in their background, experiences, and perspectives. As such, you can relate differently to each person and form a unique, life-lasting bond with each. And with the power of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facetime, etc., you can stay in touch with these fantastic people long beyond the summits and continue to motivate each other’s goals from across the world.

Through their eyes, you can see the human aspect of the world’s problems. And you can be there every step of the way as you both work towards your respective, possibly world-changing goals—even across oceans and many time zones.

  1. Model G20 Summits widen your cultural perspective.

As there are often people from over 23 countries worldwide in attendance, many cultures and languages converge at Knovva’s Model G20 Summits. Delegates hail from Alaska to Australia, bringing with them new traditions and a new perspective. Interacting globally at the summits is all about finding common ground, breaking down pre-existing perceptions, and creating true understanding and friendship—even across multiple language barriers.

At the summits, no matter what country they are located in, the importance of attempting to speak in someone’s native language cannot be understated. Not only does it help others at the moment, but it can also show how much you value them as human beings. Speaking in someone’s native language, especially when it isn’t your strength and they speak your native language, demonstrates that you genuinely care for them. It also demonstrates how much you respect and appreciate them as who they are—not who you would have them conform to be.

After all, cross-cultural communication, and friendship, is about conversation—not conformation. So, ask cultural questions, speak in another tongue, and leap over any pre-existing obstacles into a brighter, more culturally-diverse, global future. It’s all about jumping into the culture—and not stopping to ask for a fork.

  1. MG20 summits allow you to hear and learn from experts who aren’t afraid to debate questions with teenagers.

Every morning at the Model G20 summits, you eat breakfast and then meet in a large common room where a keynote speaker discusses their opinions on the various global problems that is the focus of that particular summit. With speakers from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the U.S. Department of Defense, the speakers don’t lack experience in trying to solve the selected topics on the global stage.

They could merely deliver a speech and leave, hoping to have made an impact on the hundreds of teens sitting before them. Instead, MG20 speakers are excited to speak in front of those who they consider to be some of the world’s most promising change agents.

The speakers invite as many questions as possible and even stay beyond their session to continue these discussions. They realize that empowering teenage leadership is important to solve the problems of the future, but they also know that youth involvement and leadership is equally important and necessary in solving today’s problems as it is tomorrow’s.

  1. MG20 Summits improve essential skills.

Many people, even seasoned professionals, have trouble with public speaking. One Google search of “worst public speakers” can reveal a plethora of famous speaking gaffes caught on camera—some ruining the careers or reputations of those involved. At a Model G20, you will spend workshop days learning from professionals about how to make your public speaking the best it can.  

You will also have the opportunity to give 3-5 speeches about various aspects of your country, as well as how agreements between your country and others could be beneficial to both parties involved. You’ll work hard with your team to find the perfect words but, sometimes, your plans may go array.  It is then that you’ll also begin to learn the essential skill of improvisation. You’ll learn to work for perfection, but embrace the imperfect.

Negotiation is a universally necessary skill, and you will learn it at at the Model G20. From obtaining a raise to solving a global problem, the diplomacy, arbitration, and compromise that the skill of negotiation provides is essential to solving human problems on any level. At the Model G20, not only will you undergo workshops to develop this skill, but you will also cultivate it cross-culturally and cross-lingually as you begin to work towards reaching beneficial agreements for the futures of your country and others.

Another skill you’ll develop is professionalism. At ages fourteen to eighteen, we high schoolers are not usually expected to rise to the level of international business professionals. However, through the Model G20 summits, you will develop the ability to confidently travel internationally, work and dress the part, and manage your life on a more independent level than most teenagers would in a foreign country. You will be able to work at the level of the adult professionals around them, within the restrictions of the program, and gain a greater experience of future independence because of it.

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