2019 Model G20 Summit In Mexico: To Go Beyond The Border Wall
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2019 Model G20 Summit In Mexico: To Go Beyond The Border Wall

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Summits

Today in the United States alone, there are more than 40 million reasons to care about issues surrounding immigration. This number represents the amount of people in America who were born in another country and then migrated to the U.S. bringing their culture, religions, and trades to U.S. shores.
The topic of immigration has sparked debates around the world and even helped launch a recent presidential campaign. As the subject continues to make waves, it was important for Knovva Academy to ensure that today’s learners are able to make better and more informed choices as they become tomorrow’s leaders. With Generation Z poised to be the most culturally diverse generation to date, Knovva Academy decided the issue should be front and center at the 2019 Monterrey Mexico Summit. The Summit, formally entitled: On the Move: Migration, Mobility, and Global Trade, will focus on many different facets of immigration, not whether it’s good or bad. Model G20 president Patricia Lozada says the Summit in Monterrey won’t be politically charged but more socially involved. “We don’t want to focus on what Trump says or what anyone says. We’ll be focusing on real issues that affect countries when immigration happens like cultural exchange. How ideas, norms, and products travel across borders and what the implications of these are,” she said. This monumental summit will be an eye-opening opportunity for students to understand their value, both economically and culturally. While countries may seem disconnected at first glance, the fact remains that they’re completely enmeshed through all different types of exchange. Issues that are deeply ingrained in the subject of immigration such as infrastructure, jobs, and food security will also be areas for deeper analysis and debate so that Model G20 students can formulate their own opinions and craft global solutions together. Jedd Cohen, Academic Lead Designer for Knovva’s Summit Journeys is excited to dive deeper into the subject. “We’ll be exploring why people choose to cross a national border and what drives the push away from home towards an unknown environment,” he says. WIth partisan arguments blaring from nearly every news outlet, President Lozada and Knovva’s program designers want students to put aside what they already think about the issue. “This is their chance to think on their own and to work together with their global peers who can open their minds to other perspectives and ideas,” she said. As with all of Knovva’s summits, the 2019 Model G20 in Monterrey Mexico will welcome hundreds of top student from around the world. Every student comes with their own stories, culture, and ideas. Knovva Academy uses these differences to ensure students share their unique perspectives but also begin to recognize similarities around the world. Throughout the summit, students will collaboratively build upon the skill sets they’ll need to succeed in today’s interconnected world through lectures, workshops and activities led by top names in education and politics.
The Summit will be primarily based out of the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. The Institute, founded in 1943 is considered the top university in Mexico and offers Ph.D., master, undergraduate, and high-school programs in Engineering, Management, Social, Arts and Human Sciences, and Medicine making it a perfect place for an educational collaboration with Knovva Academy.
The Model G20 Program in conjunction with the university will equip students with the tools they need for thoughtful analysis, critical thinking, and compassionate yet practical decision making surrounding issues that will affect them tomorrow no matter where they call home. Knovva’s Monterey Summit promises to be a chance for students gain an understanding of poignant national issues and to recognize echoes of those issues around the world. What is poised to be the final takeaway of program? “I think they’ll have a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities around managing a border and they’ll have a better understanding the millions of ways culture can be a resource in a new environment,” said Cohen.
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